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What is an Affordable Home?

What is an Affordable Home?

Our goal is to provide 300 truly affordable homes in the local area.


What is an affordable home?

One of our overarching goals is to provide 300 truly affordable homes within our local area. We are well on our way to achieving that goal with a significant number of homes already built and occupied at Hanborough Gate, our first tenants and owners have moved in already at Park View, with many more due to make Park View their home by the end of 2023.

All of our new communities are made up of different types of home tenure – standard home purchase at market price, shared ownership home purchase, market price rentals and affordable rentals. 

What does truly affordable mean though?

Shared ownership allows the buyer to purchase from 40-100% of their home, renting the remaining percentage. It’s a great option for those who don’t have a full deposit but want to buy a home now. Every owner is able to buy 100% of their home over time, through ‘staircasing’.

Our affordable rental scheme is operated in partnership with West Oxfordshire District Council and our housing officer works closely with them to find the right homes for the right people. We offer homes at 40% below market rental.

How many homes will we create at Park View?

At Hanborough Gate we have created eighteen Shared Ownership Homes and fourty two Affordable Rent Homes. 

All of the homes at Hanborough Gate are now occupied. 

We are creating affordable homes because we want to make homes in Oxfordshire more affordable for the communities who have grown up here, it goes back to the historic purpose of a landed estate. We believe we have a moral obligation to help improve the communities around us, so that together we all thrive.

“When the opportunity of shared ownership became available at Park View, we jumped at the chance. Owning our first perfect home together within a community we know and love has been a dream come true for us.”

Shared Ownership Buyers at Park View.