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Our Land Strategy

Our Land Strategy

The Blenheim Estate is a very special resource, covering a total area of about 12,000 acres. As well as the World Heritage Site, and the land for farming, it includes rivers and some of Europe’s most important ancient oak woodlands, which first took root more than 900 years ago. It’s a source of natural spring water, and home to hundreds of wildlife species. 

At Blenheim, we have a social, environmental and economic responsibility to our local communities. We recognise the essential, and long-term, relationship with the world around us and, in particular, our closest neighbours.

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The Ambition

The benefits of our land can reach far beyond our boundaries. Our land should be beneficial to our neighbours and communities for the physical and mental health we enjoy, the accessible connections we facilitate, the jobs and skills we encourage, and the quality of the food we consume. At the pinnacle of our ambitions is the goal to become the first estate to demonstrate carbon positive land management.

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The Challenge

We are facing multiple challenges of a decline in our environment, climate change, an aging population and urbanisation. Our rural communities are facing increasing isolation. The land is precious and finite, but cared for properly its benefits can be limitless, as a rich source of all our wellbeing. So, now our approach to taking care of the land must be as sophisticated, enduring and holistic as the challenges we face.

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Five Goals for the Future

Grass Routes

One of the five pillars of our ground-breaking Land Strategy, our Grass Routes project works to connect our local communities with a series of permissive…

Landed Gently

With the future in mind, Landed Gently is our commitment to make sustainable changes to our businesses.

Natural Health Service

By joining the natural resources of our land with the health service, our woodlands, green spaces and fresh air can begin to be prescribed as the most…

Natural Balance

With our environment at the heart of our land, and agricultural practices responsible for up to 25% of all carbon emissions, we will join forces with Government…

Acorns and Oaks

With 300 years of land management under our belt, we form partnerships with local producers and artisans to bring the best produce from land to larder.

Our Land Strategy

Roy Cox, our Estates Director, takes you through our strategy in more detail.

Our Land Strategy

Roy Cox, our Estates Director, takes you through our strategy in more detail.