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From looking after our ancient oak woodlands to rearing lambs, our rural teams are kept busy on our Estate


Our Rural team ensure the protection and regeneration of the ancient oak collection in High Park. They also manage all the Estate boundaries, all tree-related health and safety, and the many tasks associated with our goal of entirely sustainable management of our woodlands to ensure their preservation for future generations. Nothing goes to waste, and when trees are felled they are either sold for firewood or chipped to produce renewable energy in the biomass boilers which power Park Farm and the Walled Garden.


For centuries, farming has been a staple of the Estate. We have a small team of Shepherds who work hard every day to ensure our livestock have the best conditions. No day is the same for our Shepherds, one day they could be weighing lambs, another they could be putting up fencing to keep the sheep in the fields. Their sheepdogs are also very important members of the team, if they’re not undergoing training sessions with their owners, they are rounding up sheep. Further away from the Parkland, we have tenant farmers who grow a range of crops including potatoes, wheat, barley and rape.


Our Gamekeeping team have a fundamental role to play in the Estate’s land management and conservation efforts. Wildlife management is crucial to the long-term success of our land strategy and protecting the land for generations to come.

As well as the management of game birds and game shoots, our Gamekeepers work with the Rural Team to oversee the varied woodland areas on the Estate. Management of predators and pests is key, if left uncontrolled our unique ecosystem could be damaged.


The Gardens are managed in line with the Land Strategy that covers all land management across the Estate. The gardens contain lots of rare plant species as well as trees of horticultural significance, including some very mature cedar of Lebanon and ancient beeches. Not only do the team have to care for the flora, but we also have numerous fountains, temples and statues from over the centuries that have to be maintained. Keeping the gardens in perfect condition and monitoring each plant and tree within them is a monumental task.