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Help the bees

If you’re interested in helping native species of honeybee grow, here are a few things you could do:

  • Plant pollen-rich wildflowers. Native species include poppy, marigold and forget-me-not.
  • Go chemical-free. Synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers are harmful to bees.
  • Avoid treating your garden and/or green spaces with these harsh chemicals and instead try organic products and natural solutions like compost to aid soil health - you could even introduce beneficial insects that keep pests away, such as ladybirds.
  • Bee respectful. If you spot a swarm in an area that seems safe (somewhere outside, out of reach of people and pets) don’t disturb the hive. If you spot a swarm somewhere unsafe, do not attempt to remove it yourself - you should contact your local authority to ensure a removal that’s safe for both you and the bees.

Veg Chaos Garden

The definition of a “Chaos Garden” - Mix lots of different seeds in a bowl and scatter them in loose soil, then sit back and see what happens.... Sounds simple!

Mix of different veg seeds, manure,