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We are building thriving communities to welcome those looking for a new home.

As part of our landowner legacy, we want to deliver growth into the local economy through the development of new homes on our land.

Building patiently and carefully, we will preserve the visual harmony of our local towns and villages, whilst ensuring developments encourage vibrancy across new and existing residents.

We believe our communities will provide each homeowner with a true sense of belonging and shared happiness.

Our Developments

Park View

Park View

With our partner Pye Homes, we are building a new community as an extension of Woodstock. Park View is our first development that incorporates the principles of our Landowner Legacy.

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Hanborough Gate

Hanborough Gate

With our partner Pye Homes, we are building a total of 169 new homes and a new doctors surgery. We will also be retaining 59 homes for affordable shared ownership, as well as 25 homes to let.

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