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Ownership Options

Ownership Options

Discover how we could help you move to your next home.

Ownership Options 

To support inclusiveness, we will always be creative and flexible in offering a range of homes and way to buy or rent. Our range of high quality, affordable homes are enabling everybody to live and work together.

We recognise the need for choice when it comes to affordable housing so by working with West Oxfordshire District Council, our goal is to ensure that local residents can live and work here now and in the future.

High quality, affordable housing for local families is crucially important for both our own staff and the wider community. A proportion of our affordable homes are available for key workers in the local area, including the NHS, Police, Education, Local Authority and those working for Blenheim.

Shared Ownership

You can share the ownership of a home with Blenheim Estate Homes and pay an affordable rent on the remaining share.