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We've Launched a Tree Sponsorship Scheme

We are giving people the unique opportunity to commemorate a special event or remember a loved one and help the environment by having a tree planted on our UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We are on a mission to plant 1,000 new trees in native species; including oak, cherry and beech, to be planted as part of our wider tree-planting programme to restore vital woodland habitat within Blenheim Park.

The majority of the trees, which we have grown from seeds collected on the estate, will be planted in the ancient woodlands of the Park, which is home to the greatest collection of ancient oaks in Europe.

Each tree sponsorship will cost £25 and include a personalised, limited edition certificate in a choice of design, which can be printed off at home.

“The plan is to make a total of 1,000 trees available which, as they grow, will play their part in protecting our ecological systems, insects, birds and other native wildlife,” said Roy Cox, our Estates Director.

“Planting new trees is vital to maintain the carefully-balanced ecosystem within our Park, and will make a significant impact on the environment, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.

“Once fully mature, these new trees will collectively sequester 21 tonnes of CO2 per year; that's enough to offset powering 2,500 homes for the year.

“Tree sponsorship is a wonderful way to create a lasting memory while also making a positive environmental impact,” he added.

For those who have the outdoor space to grow their own tree, we have also recently started selling saplings grown from the acorns of our ancient oaks, allowing the public to take a piece of the Park home with them, and help grow the next generation of oak trees. The saplings are available in the Blenheim Palace gift shop for £30.

As part of our wider land strategy, we are committed to becoming the country's first carbon-negative estate and are working with other groups and conservation organisations to create nine new woodlands on our land and plant more than 270,000 trees.

Sponsor a tree today.