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Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Become Our New Head Gardener

We are looking to recruit a new Head Gardener – the first time the role has become vacant in 40 years.

Our site is a stunning mix of ‘Capability’ Brown parkland, green spaces and formal gardens.

The vacancy comes at a time when the public is placing greater value than ever on spending time outdoors and recognising the importance of nature, countryside and gardens on health and wellbeing.

 “We are looking to appoint a new Head Gardener who will relish the opportunity to shape the next chapter of Blenheim’s horticultural history,” said our Estate’s Director Roy Cox.

 “The role will suit someone who has empathy with the custodianship of a long-term gem like Blenheim, has inherent integrity and discretion, but just as importantly vision and the ability to deliver on it,” he added.

We are also making significant investments into further developing an adventure play area and revitalising the Palace’s kitchen garden.

Created over the centuries by esteemed garden designers such as Henry Wise and Achille Duchêne, our formal gardens reflect a journey through the horticultural styles of the ages.

Surrounding the Palace they include the majestic Water Terraces, the Duke's Private Italian Garden, the tranquil Secret Garden and the beautifully delicate Rose Garden.

The gardens are set within 2,000 acres of ‘Capability’ Brown landscape, which was carefully designed to appear natural but is in fact 'contrived to pleasing effect'.

Significant landmarks include the Great Lake, Column of Victory, the Cascades, Vanbrugh’s Grand Bridge and the ‘finest view in England’ according to the father of Winston Churchill, who was born right here at Blenheim.