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Park View: a 'Kite Mark for Stewardship'

A newly-published report, by property consultants Knight Frank, has described our commitment to developing high quality properties as part of our Landowner Legacy as a ‘kite mark for stewardship’.

Park View on the eastern edge of Woodstock, which is being developed in partnership with Pye Homes, is the first to be built based on the principle that landowners have a social, economic and moral responsibility to deliver superior housing solutions of which its local community can be proud.

The report highlights, that following the principles of the Building Better Building Beautiful Commission Report does deliver faster sales and premium prices.

More than 85% of Park View’s phase one homes were sold, off plan, within months of being released to the market.

“We were delighted to have been singled out within the report and put forward as a possible example of best practice within land stewardship,” said Roger File, our Property Director.

“These principles of legacy are at the heart of everything we do; ensuring we create lasting developments of which both we, and the surrounding communities, can be genuinely proud.

“All our developments endeavour to make use of high-quality local materials, achieve the highest practicable energy efficiency targets, minimise water demand and light pollution and are built according to traditional construction methods.

 “Each development will also focus on creating a sense of community and wellbeing with ‘exceptional’ open spaces and public areas, footpaths and cycleways linking it to the existing communities and helping the two to blend seamlessly together.

“We will retain ownership of a significant proportion of the properties which will enable us to offer a variety of different housing models which remain truly affordable in the long term,” he added.

Earlier this year, Knight Frank published the full version of its report ‘Cost and Value’ which was produced to support the work of the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission - set up to advise the Government on improving the delivery of new homes and neighbourhoods across the UK.

In it they concluded our commitment to creating ‘high quality’ developments as part of our Landowner Legacy, not only added value to the housing itself, but would also help nurture local jobs in thriving communities.

‘Park View offers an example of a landowner whose interests are so inextricably linked to those of the local community that it has decided not only to deliver high quality homes, but also to offer discounted affordable homes and has volunteered ‘principles of legacy’ that could define a kite mark for stewardship,’ stated the report.

It went on to say: ‘The landowner’s commitment to quality is apparent and, whilst early days, it appears to be delivering a premium and a higher absorption rate.’

Property is an integral part of our 10-Year Goals that include tripling the Estate’s contribution to the local economy, delivering 300 truly affordable homes for local families and creating a £45m endowment fund to ensure the long-term future of our World Heritage Site.

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