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We've Unveiled Our Long-Term Legacy Principles For Developments

At Blenheim Estate Homes we have just unveiled a ground-breaking set of commitments which set new standards in landowner legacy development.

At Blenheim Estate Homes we have just unveiled a ground-breaking set of commitments which set new standards in landowner legacy development.

The commitments, which were inspired by the Prince’s Foundation Landowner Legacy principles, are based on the belief that local landowners have a social, economic and moral responsibility to deliver developments of which both long term landowners and local communities can be proud.

Our new developments, beginning with Park View, Woodstock where first completions are due in October and reservations are now being taken, will adhere to a strict set of guidelines aimed at producing sympathetic, community-based living spaces.

These principles of legacy are at the heart of everything we do; ensuring we create lasting developments of which both we, and the surrounding communities, can be genuinely proud,” said our Property Director, Roger File.

All new developments will endeavour to make use of high-quality local materials, achieve the highest practicable energy efficiency targets, minimise water demand and light pollution and be built according to traditional construction methods. Each development will also focus on creating a sense of community and wellbeing with ‘exceptional’ open spaces and public areas, footpaths and cycleways linking it to the existing communities and helping the two to blend seamlessly together.

“We believe that by adhering to these challenging goals we will be setting new standards for landowners and providing a template for other estates and stakeholders to adopt,” said Roger.

As part of the legacy commitment, we will work to ensure that their developments have a positive impact on the environment and ecology. The developments will incorporate hedgehog highways, bee bricks, swift boxes and other wildlife initiatives will help establish new resilient habitats. We will also retain control or ownership of all public spaces within the developments to ensure they continue to serve their communities for the long term.

“Blenheim has a deep-rooted relationship with the surrounding towns and villages which dates back more than 300 years,” said Roger. “We want to plan and build patiently, so that new homes become part of the existing fabric, whilst ensuring developments are future-proofed and bring in new residents who can add to the vibrancy of the local area.

“Our aim is not just to build beautiful homes – it is to create thriving, prosperous communities,” he added.

Kidlington-based Pye Homes are working in partnership with Blenheim Estate Homes to create Park View and deliver its commitment to Landowner Legacy. Property is an integral part of Blenheim’s 10-year development programme that includes tripling the Estate’s contribution to the local economy and creating a £45m endowment fund to ensure the long-term future of the World Heritage Site.

Over the last financial year Blenheim Estate Homes has invested £6.9m in residential and commercial projects, an increase of 73% on the previous year.

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