We have a very busy Forestry team looking after 2000 acres of mature woodland on the Estate, most of which are designated Ancient or Site of Special Scientific Interest.

Our Forestry Team undertakes regular thinning, felling and planting to preserve and maintain what is a natural habitat to hundreds of species of wildlife.

There are approximately 968 Veteran Oak trees on the Estate in the area known as High Park. As a long-term strategy, part of the Estate and all of the woodland are within a Woodland Management Scheme promoting sustainable management for future generations. Nothing goes to waste, and when trees are felled they are either sold for firewood or chipped for our own use to produce renewable energy in the biomass boilers which power Park Farm and the Pleasure Gardens.

Recent research has shown this area to be the oldest woodland in Europe at an estimated 900 years old. One of the oaks, the 'King Oak' was dated as being over 1000 years old. The Forestry Team also grow and maintain Christmas trees which are harvested and sold at the Palace during November and December. Approximately 1500 are sold each year, ranging from three to 30 feet tall.