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July's splendour captured

July's splendour captured

July buzzed past in a heartbeat and once again nature provided us with some beautiful moments that led to some breathtaking shots.

Whether you are an avid nature photographer looking for inspiration or someone who simply enjoys the perfect picture, continue reading to see what our garden and parkland had on offer in the heart of summer.


Astonishing Aerials

This year we let our grasslands grow wild to captivate our buzzing buddies and allow biodiversity to thrive and flourish. The end result produced some astounding aerials. The image to the left shows the secret pathways our Gardeners mowed into the grasslands, which provided paths for visitors whilst allowing the surrounding area to grow. A surprising benefit of keeping the grasslands long was the emergence of rare florals such as pyramidal orchids.


Delightful Dahlias

July has brought the emergence of some delightful Dahlias - a wonderful flower which can bloom from the last frost to the first frost if taken care of properly. On your next visit take a wander down to our brand new potager garden to experience the kaleidoscope of beauty for yourself.

Heroic Heron

Pete Seaward our Blenheim Photographer shares his story on how he caught this breathtaking shot.

"Usually when I see a Heron, they are off like a rocket and give me no time to set up my camera, so I rarely get a decent shot. One day I saw one calmly sitting, waiting, and staring at the water, intent on his task of fishing.

"Then suddenly I knew it had seen something. I could just tell by experience, the way they start to move their body, eyes locked onto a fish and ready to strike. Yes! He did! My motor drive was set on ‘fast capture speed’ and several frames rattled off in a split second."

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