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Scan Reveals Record Ratio For Our Sheep Flock

Our flock of sheep are expecting a record ratio of lambs this year according to the latest ultrasound pregnancy scans.

Our shepherds, with the help of independent sheep scanner Bob Tofield, scanned nearly 1,000 sheep in just one day.

This is the first year our flock of Scotch Mule sheep has been looked after entirely within our 2,000 acre Park.

Two of the pregnant ewes are expecting quadruplets, which is rare according to Charles, our Head Shepherd.

“Of the 988 ewes scanned, there are 153 expecting single lambs, 688 with twins and 134 expecting triplets,” said Charles.

“Overall, our results mean we’ll have a ratio of 1.96 lambs to the ewe – this is really good for an outdoor farm like ours and is the best we have achieved to date. The ideal ratio is two lambs to the ewe.

“The size of the flock is smaller than in previous years because we have kept them all within the environs of the park, however for the pregnancy ratio to go up is a great sign the flock is happy and healthy,” he added.

The grassland within the Park provides near ideal conditions for the extensive flock to graze throughout the year. We allow our sheep to give birth outdoors, in order to give lambs the best spring grass and nutrients they need. The first lambs this year are due at the end of April.

Our Estate lambs later than many farms because our Scotch Mule sheep are reared entirely on grass within the Park walls, keeping them as naturally healthy as possible.