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We're Supplying Lamb to One of Country’s Oldest Family Butchers

We are working with Aldens of Oxford, one of the UK’s longest established family butchers, to offer our high quality lamb to its customers.

Founded in 1793, Aldens supplies world-famous institutions including Oxford and Cambridge Universities, The Palace of Westminster and several five-star hotels, as well as schools, restaurants and retail customers.

This will be the first time Blenheim Estate lamb has been made available direct to consumers and the new partnership is part of our ongoing commitment to work with local businesses and artisans on a range of high quality produce, as part of our ambitious land strategy announced last year.

“Blenheim stands for three centuries of caring for the land. As we have shown with our bottled spring water, we can translate that legacy of care into great tasting local produce, that spurs local business vitality and protects jobs,” said Roy Cox our Estate Director.

“By partnering with long-established businesses like Aldens, as well as new producers and artisans who share our values, we can bring our unique produce from the land to the larder.”

Our grassland provides near ideal conditions for our extensive flock to graze throughout the year.

Our natural system of grazing is beneficial to the lambs’ health and invigorates the land, encouraging biodiversity and carbon sequestration; a more natural way of farming that benefits the environment and produces high quality meat.

“Despite the fact we’ve been around almost as long as the Palace, this will be the first time we’ve sourced our meat from there,” said Aldens’ Managing Director Matthew Alden.

“We’re delighted to be working with the Blenheim Estate to supply their lamb to our discerning customers. The husbandry, diet and provenance make it a premier product,” he added.

Now being looked after by the family’s seventh generation, the Aldens brand also includes Aldens Meatmaster, Aldens Fishmarket and bistro Fish4Lunch as well as Aldens Catering Butchers.

Find out more about Aldens and buy Blenheim Estate lamb through the Aldens website.