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Four things we have done to our Kitchen Garden over winter

In summer last year we reintroduced a Kitchen Garden to our Walled Garden.

Last year was very successful and produced a lot of different varieties of vegetables, from tomatoes to edible flowers! This year you might have noticed that we have made a few changes.

    1. Doubled the size of the no-dig kitchen garden.
      This means we will be able to grow even more vegetables to serve in our on-site restaurants. Keep an eye out for when you next visit our restaurants, you might be eating something we’ve grown!

    2. Built compost bays so we can start making our own compost from garden waste this year.
      Using our own compost will help improve the soil quality (even more so than the effects of our no-dig garden).

    3. Made a meticulous produce plan for 2023.
      Worthy Earth (who run the Kitchen Garden) have worked closely with our Catering team to produce a seasonal menu to get the most out of the garden, which also reduces waste!

    4. Regenerated the beds in the tomato greenhouse and the herb area.
      This will improve the quality of the tomatoes and the herbs.

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