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Blenheim Palace Butterfly House transformed for Big Butterfly Count

Blenheim Palace Butterfly House transformed for Big Butterfly Count

We warmly invite you to visit our stunning Butterfly House, which has undergone a huge transformation over the last six months with newly installed smart technology and 38 tropical new species. Along with the new inhabitants, new plants from all over the world have been selected to ensure the butterflies have everything they need from their native lands to thrive and live a long healthy life. 

From Africa to Madeira, each plant was meticulously chosen and planted by our newly appointed Head Gardener, Andy Mills, who worked closely with Chris Horne, Senior Gardener, who has looked after the Butterfly House for over 10 years. 


This year, we have partnered with Butterfly Conservation in support of their annual Big Butterfly Count, which takes place between 14th July and 6th August. Each year, Butterfly Conservation invites amateur spotters to download their butterfly ID chart, go outside and see how many of the stunning winged creatures they can see in their own garden or nearby green space.

The initiative aims to assess the health of butterfly populations and, as a result, the environment, by counting the number of butterflies spotted over the same period each summer. 


Dr Zoë Randle, Senior Surveys Officer at Butterfly Conservation explains: "We’re delighted to partner with Blenheim Palace as part of this year’s Big Butterfly Count. The data collected during this year’s Count will help to give us a valuable insight into what the effect of the last year’s extreme weather has been, particularly as butterflies and moths are key indicators of the health of our wider ecosystems. With climate change here to stay, we need people to take part more than ever before and we look forward to seeing how many different butterflies are spotted by Blenheim Palace visitors".


Chris Horne, Senior Gardener, has looked after the Butterfly House for 10 years. He commented:

“What better way to start your count than walking through the Butterfly House or the surrounding grasslands in the Walled Garden. This area of land has specifically kept the grass long to support the entire cycle of a butterfly's life.” 


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These are just some of the many ways we’re hoping to make a difference and support you in doing your part for our planet too, as we’re all in this fight together. 

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