The Herbert

A five-bedroom detached home with double garage.
The Herbert has a distinctive frontage of warm render, with an apex, and a beautifully rounded window and doorframe. This home has ample space for entertaining, with an open-plan kitchen area, plus a separate living room, dining room and study. Imagine hosting the family at Christmas-time in this generous space.
Large windows and high ceilings give lots of light and space. The Herbert is meticulously designed to minimise noise between storeys - so the sound of the speakers in the kitchen isn't disturbing the concentration of someone working on their project in another room.
The Herbert is for illustrative purposes only, elevation finish and structure may vary.

Introducing Park View

It takes a place to create a community, and a community to create a place. You'll find our new community in east Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

At Park View we're creating new homes differently to other developers. By planning and building patiently, choosing partners who share our values, using materials and designs which fit the local style, and preserving habitats and routes for wildlife, we're building a community that we're all proud to have as part of our legacy.  The Development